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MPA Restoration Awards & Biodiversity Awards 2024

Showcase and celebrate your company's restoration and nature conservation achievements and help improve public perception of the industry. 

The MPA Restoration and MPA Biodiversity Awards are now open again for entry, for the first time since 2019.

Designed to be as straightforward as possible, there is no need to produce an elaborately presented entry.

MPA Restoration Awards deadline extended to FRIDAY 29 MARCH
MPA Biodiversity Awards closing date is FRIDAY 12 APRIL

MPA Biodiversity Awards

MPA recognises the exceptional achievement and future potential of the mineral products industry in protecting and enhancing the nation’s biodiversity. These awards recognise excellence in delivering biodiversity and reflect the fact that the industry is uniquely placed to benefit nature.

They apply to all producer members of MPA and to mineral sites of all types – including operational, restored and part-restored quarries/extraction sites (including those operated for aggregates, cement, dimension stone and industrial uses), manufacturing plants and areas of the seabed that have been dredged for aggregates as well as land. Consultants working for producer members may also apply in association with members.  

Sites may be managed or owned by the MPA member or a third party, as long as the entrant has clear involvement in creating the biodiversity. The entry categories are Innovation, Landscape Scale Restoration, Planned Restoration Schemes (that have been approved but not yet implemented) and Individual or Group Contribution.

The closing date is FRIDAY 12 APRIL 2024 and Awards will be announced in Q4 2024.


MPA Biodiversity Awards Entry Form

Innovation Category

For companies demonstrating examples of best practice. 

Judging Criteria: Imaginative approaches to nature conservation for example through:

  • Specific action for particular species, eg niche habitats for invertebrates
  • Addressing particular issues or realising opportunities
  • Enabling engagement and access, eg voluntary groups assisting in site management and wardening 
  • Avoidance and mitigation, eg design of schemes or site management close to protected sites or species 
  • Monitoring and reporting, eg measuring
  • Other innovative actions that don’t fit easily within the other

MPA Biodiversity Awards Entry Form

Landscape Scale Restoration Category

For companies demonstrating a major contribution to making habitats bigger, better and more joined up.

Judging Criteria: Habitat creation, restoration and management at scale that helps to deliver more, bigger, better and joined-up areas for wildlife and fits within a wider context of contributing to, for example, Local Nature Recovery Strategies, Local Nature Partnerships objectives, green infrastructure, biodiversity or landscape enhancement strategies.


MPA Biodiversity Awards Entry Form

Planned Restoration Category

Planned restoration schemes that have been approved (through planning) but not yet implemented, that demonstrate an innovative future vision that will deliver major wildlife benefits. 

Judging Criteria: Restoration schemes that have been approved by a planning authority but not yet delivered, which when implemented will deliver significant wildlife benefits, particularly priority habitats, demonstrate innovative approaches to dealing with issues, and/or outcomes based on partnership working and dialogue with regulators and communities.


MPA Biodiversity Awards Entry Form

Individual or Group Contribution Category

Individual or Group Contribution: made by a member of staff, a volunteer or advisor, or group involved in helping management or monitoring of a site, reflecting commitments, drive and achievements.

Judging Criteria: Achievements due to the commitment, drive and enthusiasm of particular individuals within or with a company, or groups eg volunteers, working with a company or site.  


MPA Restoration Awards

These Awards recognise excellence in returning quarried land to beneficial after-uses, which may include biodiversity but are not biodiversity-led. With a pedigree stretching back more than 50 years, we want to encourage entries from as many companies as possible covering a range of different types of site and restoration schemes.

This year entry is in two phases:

  • Stage 1: Provision of the site name/s, location/s and basic details as outlined in this document - deadline extended to FRIDAY 29 MARCH 2024.
  • Stage 2: We will then refine the entry process and come back to you so that you can submit just the critical additional details by the closing date of FRIDAY 12 APRIL 2024.

The Awards will be announced in Q4 2024.


For information on either Award Scheme contact