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Masonry concrete provides energy efficiency and is sustainable due to its long-lasting, resilient, and non-combustible material which improves the fire protection of the building and its occupants.

MPA Masonry is the industry body that represents the manufacturers of concrete blocks. MPA Masonry offers a host of information to housing developers, designers, housebuilders, end-users, and occupants to enable them to understand the benefits of masonry construction and how masonry contributes to a sustainable built environment. MPA Masonry’s members manufacture Aircrete products, dense and lightweight concrete blocks, and mortars.

Masonry and Sustainability

Masonry for construction brings numerous advantages to the environment. Masonry lasts long and requires little maintenance, therefore, less need to manufacture new materials. This material can also be recycled to make aggregates or new masonry material enhancing its sustainable properties.

MPA Masonry members demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by signing the Sustainability Charter - a mandatory requirement for membership - which is fully and independently audited. The Precast Sustainability Charter and KPI initiative is part of a wider Concrete Sustainability Strategy initiative, led by UK Concrete. The precast sector developed a Precast Resource Efficiency Action Plan (REAP) in 2013 in collaboration with WRAP, BRMCA (British Ready-Mixed Concrete Association) and the BDA (Bricks Development Association) to improve different indicators and aspects associated with resource efficiency.

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