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Strategic Priorities

MPA Vision for 2025

Member consultation has established that the industry wishes: ‘to be valued as an essential and economically, socially and environmentally sustainable industry of significance to the economy and our way of life’ and perceived as:

  • cohesive and well-organised, responsible and accountable
  • creative, collaborative and outward looking
  • professional and competent, setting high standards to retain and attract new people, reflecting UK diversity
  • innovative, embracing the use of best available technology and sharing best practices
  • engaging constructively and strategically with Government, regulators, local communities and other stakeholders

MPA Strategic Priorities and Objectives

The following 7 Strategic Priorities underpin the achievement of the Vision for 2025.

The broad objectives of the 7 Strategic Priorities are as indicated below. Delivery of the objectives and targets, where applicable, is managed through MPA’s Committees and Working Groups.