From our employees to local communities and other stakeholders in areas where we work, relationships with people are essential to our industry. In the case of those who work within the industry, we recognise the need to provide rewarding and stimulating employment with opportunities to progress. We also take very seriously our responsibility to protect their health and safety as a top priority. 

Our neighbours have a right to expect us to minimise any effects our work may have on them and their environment but we also aim to make positive contributions to their lives in terms of local spending, high quality restoration and a variety of other community support.


The mineral products industry is critically important to the future of the UK. But arguably its contribution to creating – quite literally – the foundations of our economy is under-recognised. Just as under-recognised is the fantastic work which your association and its members and stakeholders have undertaken to drive down workplace accidents and to safeguard employees' health.

Lord Jordan, President, Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents