our approach


Our vision is that our members are recognised and valued for supplying essential materials for a sustainable future in a manner that is economically viable and socially and environmentally responsible.

Our approach to sustainability has evolved progressively over recent years. MPA has grown substantially over that period through an amalgamation that has seen aggregates and its downstream products come together with cement and concrete to create one organisation focused on mineral products. It means that we now bring 465 members under an umbrella that covers 90 per cent of aggregates production and 100 per cent of GB cement production . That level of activity combined with a substantial total landholding means that MPA can do much to influence the cause of sustainable development across the UK.

Given the diversity of the sectors we represent and audiences with whom we engage, MPA Cement produces an annual performance report and the British Marine Aggregate Producers Association (BMAPA) a separate sustainability report. MPA The Concrete Centre publishes an annual Concrete Industry Sustainability Report.

Management of our sustainability performance is built around a series of core values which define all that we do, and performance indicators through which we can measure how we are doing. It is a process of constant fine-tuning as we learn from experience and listen to advice. This microsite marks a new chapter in terms of making the information that we are producing totally accessible and quickly updateable. We welcome feedback.