consumption and production

The UK enjoys a great diversity of geology, which means that we are able to satisfy much of our own need for non-energy minerals. The challenge is to ensure that those minerals are processed by companies that apply high standards of environmental management and can in turn demonstrate that their end-products are responsibly sourced. By thus influencing the whole supply chain, we can make a real contribution to overall sustainable development.

Our industry has embraced the Government’s strategy for sustainable construction and is, for example, promoting the special characteristics of concrete in conserving energy while resisting fire and flood, and containing noise. We are also working with client groups to achieve greater focus on the sustainable use of asphalt.


What is quite satisfying is to see the rate of progress in the quarrying, cementitious, concrete and pre-cast sectors. There is no doubt that the industry has moved a huge way in recent times. There is still some way to go, but if we carry on the rate of progress then I am optimistic for this sector in the future

Dr Peter Bonfield, Chief executive
Building Research Establishment