2013 2014
Number of recorded complaints (aggregates and associated sectors) 269 419
Liaison groups (84% of aggregates quarries surveyed) 148 246
Liaison group meetings (cement) 39 26
Number of Visitors (aggregates) 27,598 23,650

In 2013, a total of over 27,589 people were recorded visiting aggregate sites and we have recorded 148 aggregates sites which have formal liaison activities with local communities and 39 liaison group meetings in the cement industry. Although liaison groups provide valuable communication channels with communities, they are not appropriate for every site and MPA members have a range of methods of communicating locally.

MPA’s Virtual Quarry website continues to provide children (and their schools) with a range of resources and activities geared to the National Curriculum. MPA’s Stay Safe campaign, targeted particularly at young people, consistently achieves extensive media coverage across the UK to highlight the risks of trespassing in quarries.

MPA was extremely disappointed that the Aggregates Levy Susutainability Fund (ALSF) in England was scrapped by Government at the end of 2010/11. MPA has proposed a replacement ALSF with less funding, but a greater focus on supporting projects in local communities in quarrying areas, which has so far been rejected by Government. The only part of the UK which has retained an ALSF scheme is Wales.

To see all mineral-related operations valued by members of the community.