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Mortars are the builder's "glue" - the product that binds together our bricks and masonry.

The role they play is a crucial one and quality is essential.

The need for quality has resulted in a significant growth in demand for factory produced mortars as opposed to those mixed by hand on-site. The latter, made using rough calculations of quantities and in less than ideal conditions, cannot match the consistency of factory-produced mortars.

Factory made mortars are manufactured under controlled conditions in purpose-built production units.

All materials are weigh-batched or dispensed through calibrated equipment to ensure accuracy of mix proportions. All ingredients comply with the relevant British and European standards and are subject to rigorous testing to ensure quality.

Why factory produced?

The benefits of factory produced mortars over site-mixed mortars can be summarised as:

  • Accurate cement content
  • Consistent strength
  • Consistent colour
  • Reduced mixing and labour costs
  • Reduced wastage
  • Compliance with specification
  • Technical support

Types of mortar

Quarry PictureFactory produced mortars are of two main types:

  • Ready-to-use - they may be wet and delivered in tubs, or dry and delivered in silos or bags requiring only the addition of water
  • Lime : sand - pre-batched materials delivered to site, with cement and water being added prior to use.

More information

The Mortar Industry Association (one of the constituent bodies of the Mineral Products Association) represents the producers of mortars under factory-controlled conditions. For further information contact Mick Russell or visit the MIA web site at


Please note this website is maintained to provide information and guidance on UK issues, products and applications of those products.


Mortar colours

In addition to natural shades, a wide range of colours is available to enable mortars to complement particular types of brick or masonry.

For more information on mortar, please contact Mick Russell ( or phone us on 020 7963 8000

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