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Agricultural Liming is a fundamental aspect of soil husbandry, which farmers throughout the world have recognised as playing a major role in overall business profitability and environmental diversification.

The Agricultural Lime Association (ALA) seeks to inform users of the many benefits associated with the application of natural quarried agricultural lime and represents the interests of its member companies on all issues of concern to the industry. All the ALA members conform to the latest Fertiliser Regulations and have adopted a Quality Code of Practice.

The importance for regular liming applications is often understated. The soil is a vital resource to the farmer and it is therefore crucial that he looks after it in both the short and long-term. If the soil acidity increases (pH below 7), it will eventually lead to a considerable reduction in fertility and consequently crop performance. Unless regular steps are taken to redress the pH by applying a liming material, there will be a natural reduction in lime status and fertility. Lime loss and increased acidity often occurs as a result of the following:

Lime loss and increased acidity often occurs as a result of the following:  
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The passage of water through the soil into the drainage system.
The loss will vary considerably depending on the type of crop and farming practices adopted
The use of fertilisers, particularly those with high ammonium nitrate concentration.
The effects of acid rain and other pollutants.

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The Agricultural Lime Association is a constituent body of the Mineral Products Association Ltd

For more information on agricultural lime, please contact Stephen Hill or visit the ALA website at

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