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The Stay Safe campaign is run on behalf of the quarrying industry every year to raise awareness amongst younger children, teenagers, parents, teachers and youth workers about the dangers of entering quarries uninvited and unsupervised. We work closely with local communities, the emergency services, the media and other relevant stakeholders to communicate our message... "Stay Safe...Stay Out of quarries".

We are particularly concerned about teenagers who place their lives at risk by trespassing in both active and disused quarries. In 2012 four teenage boys drowned in separate incidents in disused quarries across the UK and on the Whitsun bank holiday weekend, a fifteen year old boy and his rescuer drowned in a disused quarry in Northern Ireland.

All too often after an incident their friends or parents say that they were not aware of the risks they were exposing themselves and that they thought they were engaged in a harmless bit of fun. This is why we believe that helping to raise awareness of these hazards will help to save young people’s lives.   

Sadly, it is often adults who break down fencing and trespass in quarries. This both encourages younger people to follow their example and creates an access point for younger children who are less aware of the potential dangers.

Quarries have hidden dangers. The lakes are often deep, very cold and have hidden currents – even the strongest swimmers have drowned due to the impact that extreme cold has had on their bodies. Stockpiles of sand have been known to collapse and suffocate people whilst tunnelling or digging holes. Quarry faces have loose rocks and boulders. Machinery and other obstacles can seriously injure people riding mountain or trial bikes.

The industry undertakes a range of different methods to deter trespass including increased co-operation with Police Community Support Officers. Key activities this year also include:

  • a national media campaign – read this year’s national press release here
  • a regionalised media campaign which focuses on major quarrying areas
  • working in partnership with the emergency services and allied safety organisations
  • liaising with schools. colleges and youth groups to spread the safety message  

Please visit our Facebook page here.

This page provides links to a range of resources and games to help promote a better understanding of these safety issues to both younger children and teenagers. The links  below provide access to the resources supporting this year’s campaign.
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