2013 2012
Direct employees of MPA Member companies (excluding cement and precast) 19,940 19,399
Direct employees of MPA Cement members 2,548 2,548

Jobs have been lost in the industry and amongst its suppliers as a result of the recession, although it is difficult to generate precise industry data due to the level of contracting and self-employment. MPA data collected for the purposes of health and safety analyses and independent analyses indicates that in total industry businesses directly employ around 35,000 people with a further 35,000 jobs supported by the industry.

The fact that employment in the mineral products industry is spread through every part of the UK and is especially prevalent in rural areas is of particular significance. Geographical spread is key feature of industry employment, and is particularly important in rural communities where it makes an important contribution to local economies.

In spite of difficult market conditions, the industry continues to promote the range of career opportunities available to young people through localised activity and through www.careersinquarrying.co.uk.



To be the industry of choice for prospective employees.