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See below for a chronological list of live consultations for which MPA is actively seeking stakeholder input. Click on the link to view the ongoing consultation, then send your feedback to the relevant MPA contact, or get in touch to find out more.

For more information, contact Hilary Arrowsmith at the MPA on 020 7963 8000.


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Environment, waste and water
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Title of consultation Name of consulting body Deadline Notes MPA Contact

Reforming the water abstraction management system: making the most of every drop

Defra 28/03/2014

The reforms proposed in this consultation are designed to make the system more flexible and resilient to future pressures. It builds on actions we are already taking to tackle unsustainable abstraction.

Diana Edwards

Draft Guidelines on environmental and energy State aid

EU 14/02/2014

The draft guidelines set out the conditions under which state aid measures may be declared compatible with the internal market. The proposal is based on the Commission's decision practice as well as on its analysis of the current market and policy conditions in the environmental and energy sectors.

Diana Edwards
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