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09 June 2017

MPA Dimension Stone Publishes Bridge Saw Guidance

MPA Dimension Stone has published 'Safer by Design'information on Bridge Saw Guidance, in partnership with Charge and the Stone Federation. 

The Guidance document includes the legal background and risk assessment process covering all aspects of the machine and its use, the risk to safety from Bridge Saws and information on maintenance and testing. 

The Guidance has been produced to help to reduce incidents and improve operating standards.  

Kevin Stevens, MPA's Director of Health and Safety, said: 

"There are around a dozen deaths and over 40,000 injuries each year in the UK due to incidents where workers have been using machines; most of these are easily prevented. In line with our principles of Safer & Healthier by Design MPA members have been working hard to produce this Guidance, which will be a benchmark for the industry. The Guidance will assist members to specify the correct guarding when purchasing new machinery but equally important ensuring retrofitted guarding on older machinery meets the required standard."


Download the MPA Dimension Stone Publishes Bridge Saw Guidance here.


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