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01 March 2017

MPA Publishes New Charter, Vision for 2025 and New Strategic Priorities

The MPA has developed a new Charter for its producer members, founded on a new vision for 2025. The Charter will be the vehicle for achieving the new vision by 'Driving Change, Raising Standards and Improving Perceptions'. Seven new strategic priorities will sharpen the focus of the work of the association and ensure that the work of the sector is able to adapt to change more readily. Each priority drives a series of objectives, 27 in all, and 10 new targets will enable MPA to measure progress. The Charter forms part of a new Members handbook which 'clarifies, simplifies and consolidates' expectations members have built for themselves over many years of policy development. The handbook brings all policy, guidance, campaigns and initiatives and other useful information together into one place for the first time.

The 5 key aims that MPA seeks remain:

1. Economic conditions that support investment
2. Better Government support for an essential industry
3. A reasonable licence to operate
4. Proportionate legislation and regulation
5. Recognition of progress

The 7 new Strategic Priorities are:

  •  Health and Safety
  •  People
  •  Resource Use
  •  Climate Change and Energy
  •  Natural Environment
  •  Built Environment
  •  Communicating Industry Value

Commenting, Nigel Jackson, Chief Executive of the Mineral Products Association said:

"The development and publication of the new Charter by MPA members is a key moment for the industry. Now that MPA represents over 90% of the non- energy mineral extraction and mineral products sector, it has a unique opportunity to harmonise thinking and behaviours in a way which can improve industry performance in key areas whilst improving perceptions externally. Getting 'everyone on the same page' with a unified ambition for the future has been a key aim of the MPA Board for many years and was one of the primary drivers behind the creation of MPA. However, publication of the Charter is only the 'end of the beginning'. It is what happens over the next few years that will determine whether the sector can raise its game and becomes rightfully recognised and valued for the great and essential work that it does and is an industry that will attract the brightest and the best for the future."

The official launch of the Charter will take place on 7 June at Mineral Products 2017 conference, which will be held at the QE2 Conference Centre.

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