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24 November 2016

MPA Welcomes the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement but Delivery of Projects Must Be the Key Government Focus

MPA CEO Nigel Jackson commented: “MPA had called for a boost in infrastructure and investment, an acceleration of local road projects and for flexible rules to allow the delivery of more affordable housing and action on these areas in the Autumn Statement is very welcome. The Government’s pledge to invest in infrastructure to improve access to and unlock sites for housing development is also positive for our industry. However, we do need to see early action. There is an 18 month window of opportunity to really progress smaller scale local roads and transport projects before the major spend associated with the Highways England programme and other major infrastructure projects start to kick-in. The industry has the capacity, the need is there and early investment in local projects would deliver very strong economic returns. We really need to get on with this work and avoid backloading spending plans. Early clarity on how an industrial strategy can stimulate growth across all the regions of the UK is needed.”


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